utorak, 31. kolovoza 2010.

Iphone vs. Htc #2 - Dimensions

Nobody wants a fat handset weighing down their jacket on one side, making unsightly lines in one trouser pocket or taking up precious handbag space, and the battle between the two top phones here presents an interesting conundrum - is it the weight that bothers you or is it the size? While the iPhone is a shade heavier, it is considerably thinner, in fact el Jobs claims it's the thinnest smartphone in the world. 2g probably isn't that much of an issue out of the 137g weight, but 2.6mm off 11.9mm is quite a big deal. That's a tidy fit for your clothing.

Winner: Iphone

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  1. Wonderful post...

    Just stopping by to show you some support ;)

  2. hmm but iphone looks better imho


  3. I dont know much about phones but I know about supporting supporters.

  4. I own an iPhone but it sucks extremely, but the weight or size isn't important to me, it's the horrible support and crappy quality of the UI that bothers me. Anyway, just popping in to show some support, have a nice day :-)

  5. The larger the surface, the higher the probability of me accidentally putting my keys in the pocket and scratching the screen to hell on accident.


  6. I fell in love with this post... I lost. Here's my support.

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  8. i'm thinking to buy an iphone. atm i can't afford one, however.

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  10. hi bro, nice post today..
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  11. In my opinion the iphone being slim but wide is what really makes it better anyways just showing you some support bro:D